Auspex Project


Trajectories is a collaborative research project developed by Australian media artist David Carson and UK sound artist Phil Mouldycliff. The project explores the flight (and plight) of endangered Christmas Island  birds, using timelapse photography, video and soundscapes created from field recordings of the unique fauna endemic to this extremely remote Australian island. Research for the project has been undertaken during several visits to the island made between 2007 and 2008 funded by Art On The Move, the Shire of Christmas Island and the West Australian Attorney General’s Office. The project has also been kindly supported by Dr. Janos Hennicke, sea bird ecologist from the University of Hamburg.

A work in progress presentation was made on Christmas Island during Bird and Nature Week in September 2008 as part of the 2008 Territory Year - celebrating 50 years of Christmas Island becoming an Australian Indian Ocean Territory. This was a dome computer projection inside an air inflated hemispherical GoDome.

Finally the project resulted in the production of an audio CD,  a book and a video for dome projection.

Dome projection
Trajectory Book