1. This is an experimental inter-media project drawing on Scientific Research carried out by Dr Janos Hennicke and his colleagues at the Pink House Research Station on Christmas Island.

  1. Auspex Australis is a creative vehicle for highlighting the importance of this remote Australian Indian Ocean Territory as an ecological barometer and for attracting wider public attention to its unique habitat.

  1. This project developed out of ‘Trajectories’ - a collaboration between Australian media artist  David Carson and UK sound artist Phil Mouldycliff. Auspex further explores the flight (and plight) of endangered Christmas Island birds and other unique fauna.


This project is supported by Scitech and the Australia Council for The Arts

In Australia David Carson has been awarded a Connections Residency Program grant from  the Inter-Arts Office of the Australia Council for the Arts. This will enable him to work at Horizon, the Planetarium at Scitech to develop the Auspex project for full-dome projection.

Christmas Island is an Australian Non-self Governing External Territory, located in the Indian Ocean on the rim of South East Asia, 360km south of Java and 2600 km North West of Perth.